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San Diego

Feed Our Frontline, Revive Our Restaurants

How It Works:

1. Choose a restaurant below

2. Call the restaurant and donate a "Meal to Heal" for $20 each

3. Provide them your credit card

4. Thank you! The restaurant will add your order to our group order and deliver it right to frontline  workers (local hospital, essential workers etc) on the right day.

Together, our community and local restaurants can help feed our first responders and keep our favorite restaurants in business. 

Click Here to donate a "MEAL TO HEAL"

We’re proud to partner with Meal to Heal, a charitable organization launched in March, to help our COVID-19 frontline workers and keep them well fed! Because of its personal connection to us and our customers, we've chosen to join the effort by donating meals to our friends at Scripps Green.

How You Can Help Scrips Green Frontline Workers:

Option 1: While ordering your own meal, you can choose to add anywhere from 1 - 50 meals at $20 per meal to your cart at checkout.

Option 2: Just want to donate meals? No problem, go to our website and click the 'Meal to Heal' header link, from there you can add as many meals as you'd like to your cart. Proceed to checkout as normal.

*All orders must be placed each week by 2 pm Thursday. Deliveries will be made on Friday. Maximum of 50 meals per week, anything placed over that will roll over into the following week.

Thank you for your support,


5050 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego CA 92130

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Meal to Heal and several amazing restaurants, are banding together to send meals to Local Hospital's Covid Units. We need your help to send meals to the frontline! Our local restaurants need us too. Many have had to shut down and send employees home. Your donation can help save jobs.

Does Your Businesses Want To Help?

Please contact Dre Madden by email at

You can help in your community too! Choose a medical center, find local restaurants that can re-open to help deliver 50-250 meals paid for by donors and get the word out.


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